Meet Nasdaq Mosaiq

All Your Research in One Place

Track, manage, and share customer research across teams, clients, and stakeholders

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Easy access to all your research assets


validate and update your personas based on participant interviews


and share recordings, summaries, transcripts, and quotes


your research activities over time for planning and reporting purposes


demographic or other relevant information about participants

Suitable for teams of all types and sizes

It supports multiple campaigns and products.


Create a new Mosaiq instance for each client.

In-house teams

Manage multiple campaigns in a single instance.

Designed for easy setup

What you'll need:

About Mosaiq

Nasdaq Product Design's research practice is small and distributed, but very active. We created Mosaiq so we could keep track of our numerous research campaigns and share them with our fellow designers as well as product management and senior leadership.

It's made our jobs easier and our campaigns more organized, and if you're conducting customer research on a regular basis, we think it can do the same for you.

Nasdaq Design Mosaiq

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